Roundup Pro Active 360 ® 5Ltr Total Weedkiller

£63.00 inc. VAT.


  • MAPP No – 17380
  • Active Ingredient – 360g/l Glyphosate
  • Area Covered – 16,000sqm
  • Pack Size – 5Ltrs

Roundup ProActive 360 is the replacement for Roundup Pro Biactive. It is a foliar applied herbicide for superior weed control. Roundup ProActive is approved for use in areas that is exposed to humans, animals or even near water. It’s been developed for use on all weeds on hard surfaces, amenity, enclosed waters and natural surfaces which shouldn’t have any vegetation on it, as well as land next to open water. These include roadsides, paths, industrial sites, car parks, next to ponds, lakes, streams or weedy ground prior to planting or sowing.

You are able to use a boom sprayer or a knapsack sprayer, click here for knapsack sprayers.

Roundup Pro Active 360 is backed by the Environment Agency. Click here.

The Key Benefits of Roundup Pro Active 360 are:

  • Roundup ProActive can be rainfast in one hour for annual weeds, and four hours for perennial weeds
  • Unique ProActive formulation gets more glyphosate into the plant
  • Hazard free label – safer for the operator, public and pets
  • New low drift properties for best practice herbicide application
  • Superior long term control of difficult perennial weeds
  • Biodegrades in soil and water, excellent rainfastness
  • Make the most of those precious weather windows
  • Highest levels of performance and safety
  • Preferred under COSHH

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Application Rate

Hand-held Application Rate

Annual weeds 150 ml to 10 L water
Cut-stump application (coniferous) 200 ml to 1 L water (max. 20% solution)
Perennial broad-leaved weeds e.g. Japanese knotweed 250 ml to 10 L water
Aquatic weeds: floating weeds, water lilies 300 ml to 10 L water
Rhododendrons, ivy, bracken and waxy-leaved plants 500 ml to 10 L water
Hand-held weedwiper 1 L to 2.25 L water

Boomspray Application Rate

Annual grasses and weeds 3 L/ha to 200 L/ha water
Perennial broad-leaved weeds: ragwort, rushes, clover, yellow rattle 5 L/ha to 200 L/ha water
Aquatic weeds: floating weeds, water lilies 6 L/ha to 200 L/ha water




“By law, everyone who uses pesticides professionally must have received adequate training in using pesticides safely and be skilled in the job they are carrying out.”

As from the 26th November 2015 any individual who purchases pesticides authorised for professional use must ensure that the intended end user holds the relevant specified certificate/s. (Section 9 (5) The Plant Protection Products (Sustainable Use) Regulations 2012)

Pesticides approved for professional use must only be used by users holding the relevant specified certificate/s. (Section 8 (1) The Plant Protection Products (Sustainable Use) Regulations 2012)

(Part III of the Food and Environment Protection Act 1985, and related Codes of Practice)

More information on how to get the necessary certificates is available upon request, and a member of our team will get back to you.

Should you purchase this product please be aware that you are purchasing a professional pesticide product.

Always read the product label before use.

Product Label & SDS


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