Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

At GreenCare we aim to send out all orders the same day. To enable us to do this, please order by 1.30pm (Mon-Fri) so the order can be despatched that day. We aim to deliver your order to you within 24-48hrs once dispatched. (Remote areas of the UK may take longer, or adverse weather conditions may cause unforeseen delays.)

Do I need a certificate of competence to purchase a professional pesticide? (weed killer, fungicide, plant protection)

No, you do not need a certificate of competence to purchase a professional pesticide such as weed killer. Anybody is able to purchase them. However the end user must have a National Proficency Test Council qualification. However if that individual is working within ‘sight and sound’ of a person who has that particular qualification, that would be suffice. For example, for knapsack spraying it would require a PA1, PA6 (City of Guilds or Lantra NPTC Qualification) For boom spraying it would require PA1, PA2 (City of Guilds or Lantra NPTC Qualification). Should you have any specific queries on what qualification you may require don’t hesitate by emailing us on We can also put you in touch with the relevant third party training courses you can attend to gain the relevant qualifications.

Is my pesticide, weed killer, safe around children, pets and other animals?

  • Children & Pets
    • It’s normal to keep children and pets away from sprayed areas until the product has completely dried. Once dry it is generally safe for pets and children to go back and use the treated area.
  • Chickens, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Geese, Puppies & Chickens
    • It is strongly advisable to contact us if applying pesticides in areas where the above animals will be using. We can then get in touch with the manufacture of that product, so we get the correct advice to yourselves.
  • Grazing Animals
    • Always read the product label first. Exclusions of grazing animals such as horses and sheep vary from product to product. If you are unsure still after reading the product label, call 01704 841438 and we will more than happy to help.


How long will my pesticides last in the bottle?

Pesticides on a whole don’t have a sell by date. However once they are opened, they must be kept away from frost and cold adverse weather conditions, but then they should last for a number of years to come. Some pesticides lose the approval for use, so if you haven’t used them for a long time you should first check, by using the CRD website to make sure they have not lost their approval for use as carrying on using them would not be permitted. You can also contact us via email or calling us and we can give you advice too. Storing a pesticide that you have mixed and diluted will start to reduce efficiency over a period of time. So we recommend mixing the correct amount of product that you need to carry out a certain job, and also mixing the pesticides as close as possible to actually carrying out that particular job to ensure that you get the maximum results.

How do I know what the dilution rates are for each product?

The dilution rates for all pesticides are on the product labels, and must always be read first before use. Should you need to convert hectares into m2 or for any other conversions, please click our helpful information page to see all conversions. Should you need any more assistance, please call 01704 841438 or email

Can I get any technical help for a problem or product?

Yes, we have trained BASIS individuals with over 30 years experience as part of our technical team. So should you have any query regarding a product or problem, call us directly on 01704 841438 or email and we’ll be more than happy to help you.

Do I need a certificate of competence for USING a professional use product?

For use of a professional use product, the user must have a recognised certificate of competence or be working under the direct supervision of someone who has such a certificate.

Do I need a certificate of competence for USING an amateur (home garden) product?

Products that are authorised for amateur (home garden) use do not require the user to be trained if used by gardeners in the home garden.

Why are delivery rates a lot more than other deliveries for smaller regular parcels?

There are certain restrictions and legislation that we must comply with as we are sending out Pesticides. This all depends on the weight and toxicity of the product we are sending. All packaging complies with the current legislation by showing the quantity, UN Numbers, Packing group and Class. As they are pesticides being sent by our ADR and limited quantity couriers, it is the explanation to why the shipping costs are more expensive compared to other packages.

How are delivery rates calculated?

Deliveries to mainland UK are free, and are sent out on a next working day delivery service. However deliveries to the Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland, Isle of Scilly, Isle of Man and other remote locations will be charged £13.49 per 25Kg. You can check the postage total, by adding your desired items to your basket and putting your delivery address in. It will show you the delivery charge before you commit to purchasing that order.

How can I pay for orders?

You can via PayPal, credit/debit card and Klarna through the website. We have many options for you to pay for your order. You can use your credit/debit card online. Or you can choose click and collect and when you pick up your order from our trade counter, you may pay using your card, or cash.

We do also allow payments via cheques and bank transfers however the products will not be despatched until the funds have cleared. If you are wanting to pay via bank transfer or cheque please contact us on 01704 841438 or email

Do I need to have a certificate of competence for using professional use products if I am…

  • Applying it as a service
    • If you are applying pesticides, weed killers, fungicides (Plant Protection Products, PPPs) as part of a service on someone else’s land you need to have an appropriate NPTC certificate of competence or be working in sight and sound of an appropriately qualified person.
    • This is also the case if you are using non-professional products
  • Applying under Grandfather Rights (born before 31st December 1964)?
    • If you were born before 31st Dec. 1964 you can apply professional use pesticide on your own land under Grandfather Rights. However from 26th November 2015, this will expire and you will need a relevant certificate of competence to continue to apply professional pesticides.
    • The certificate of competence you can work under can either be the Grandfather Rights Certificate conversion certificate “Level 2 Award in the Safe Use of Pesticides Replacing Grandfather Rights” or the appropriate NPTC – PA1, PA2, PA6 awarded by City & Guilds or Lantra.
    • Please note a Grandfather’s Right conversion certificate will only allow you to continue to use professional pesticides on your own land. If you wish to apply pesticides to another person’s land you will need to have the appropriate NPTC – PA1, PA2, PA6 certificates from City & Guilds for Lantra.
  • Applying to my own land?
    • Born after 31st Dec. 1964 – You must have the relevant NPTC certificate of competence to apply a professional use product to your own land. This may vary according to the product you are applying and the application method for example
    • Knapsack spraying would require a PA1, PA6 – City and Guilds or Lantra – NPTC qualification
    • Boom sprayer application (mounted or trailed) would require a PA1, PA2 – City & Guilds or Lantra – NPTC qualification
    • Born before 31st Dec. 1964 – you can still operate under Grandfather Rights up until 26th November 2015.

Can I order online and pick it up from the Green Care warehouse?

Yes, your order will be ready to collect within 1 hour of ordering, however we advise to call before making your journey.

Are your prices competitive?

Yes, our prices are very competitive. We constantly monitor our competitors online and offline to ensure our customers are not paying over the odds for product. We believe our prices are some of the most competitive on the market.

Do you do trade accounts?

Yes, we do trade accounts. Please see the trade account page on the website, or call 01704 841438 or email for more info.