Granulated Lime 25kg

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Active Ingredient 97% CaCO3
Pack Size 25kg
Pack Size Coverage Depends on rate
Spreading Rate 50-150kg per Acre
Application Method(S) Spread by Hand, Spreader

Granulated Lime can be applied using a standard fertiliser spreader at a time convenient to the grower. This eliminates the use of outside contractors and makes spreading less dependant on prevailing weather conditions. It also has considerable cost savings as the volume of Granulated Lime required is far less.

Our Granulated Lime is made from a micronized powder which is pelleted to make it easy to apply to the crop without producing clouds of dust. Immediate pH improvement is achieved followed by a fast response from the crop. Correct and fast pH adjustment allows maximum utilization of expensive fertiliser. It is also an excellent source of calcium- an essential nutrient important in plant cell wall cell structure.

Application Rates (0.1pH improvement):


Sand/loamy sands Sandy/slit loams Clay/loamy clays Organic soils
Peat soils
60 kg/ha 100 kg/ha 125 kg/ha 150 kg/ha 200 kg/ha
25 kg/ac 40 kg/ac 50 kg/ac 60 kg/ac 80 kg/ac


 Key Benefits:

– Can be used all year round.

– Cost-effective.

– Pelleted micronized powder- avoids production of dust clouds.

– Improved pH is acheived immediately.

– Provides a source of calcium.

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Weight 24 kg

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