Angus Spring & Summer Controlled Release Granular Fertiliser ProloNg (24-3-7+2MgO) 20KG (3-4 Months)

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Spring & Summer Lawn Feed Granular Fertiliser Contains: 27% Nitrogen, 3% Phosphate, 7% Potassium + 2% Magnesium Oxide mini granular form.  1-2.5mm granules (ProloNg)

Pack Size – 20Kgs
Recommended Months of Application – Throughout Spring and Summer (March, April, May, June, July, August, Autumn)
Application rate – 35-50g sq. m. (Area Covered up to 571 sq. m.)

Lasts 3-4 Months

Our Spring & Summer Lawn Feed Granular Fertiliser is very safe and easy product to use and it is designed for all grass types including sports pitches and lawns. It is fertiliser for strong growth and healthy grass. It is made as a mini-granular for easy application while still providing a good coverage. It will give your turf that lush and vibrant look that you crave for, and will last 3-4months making it very economical . This granular fertiliser , can be used on garden lawns, golf greens, golf tees, cricket squares and other fine turf playing surfaces.

Important notes:

  • Avoid cutting grass for 3 days after application
  • Granular Fertiliser should not be applied during periods of stress (High temperatures, Drought, Frost)
  • Water the area, using a hose if there is no rainfall 48 hours after application
  • Store in cool dry conditions

44% of nitrogen (N) as ammonium with ProloNg® technology

56% of nitrogen (N) as urea with ProloNg® technology

100% of potash from muriate of potash

Potential longevity in spring/summer application, 3-4 months; autumn/winter application, 5-7 months. Based on recommended application rates and are purely a guide, as plant variety and density, environmental conditions and timing of application will dictate nitrogen use and therefore the speed in which applied nitrogen is utilised.

Benefits of this 24-3-7+2MgO ProloNg


• Reduces unwanted growth flushes
• Safe, reduced scorch susceptibility formulations
• Reduces soft lush growth and disease susceptibility
• Protects water courses from nitrate pollution (less algae growth in ponds/lakes)
• Discourages annual grasses in greens (e.g. Poa annua) – promotes perennial grasses
• Can safely be applied at any time of year when conditions allow
• Low salt formulations improving root zone environment and enhancing root activity
• Full range of granule sizes, pricing and formulations, to meet every turf managers requirements
• Proven technology, with scientific explanation; ProloNg® technology really works!
• Excellent grass colour

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Additional information

Weight 20 kg

10KG (Covers up to 285m2), 20KG (Covers up to 571m2)

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