Thomas Elliott Spring & Summer Fertiliser 12-6-6 25Kg

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Thomas Elliott Spring & Summer Lawn Feed Granular Fertiliser Contains: 12% Nitrogen, 6% Phosphate, 6% Potassium

Pack Size – 25Kgs

Recommended Months of Application –  Spring & Summer – March to September

Application rate – 35g sq. m. (Area Covered 714sq. m.)

  • N.P.K: 12-6-6
  • Amazing Value! A 25kg bag will cover over 700m² of lawn.
  • Turf response is seen within 7 days.
  • Granule dispersal takes on average 7-10 days.
  • Ideal balance of NPK to strengthen turf.
  • Economical blended fertiliser for lawns and fine lawns.
  • Releases over a 6-week period- avoids rapid top-growth.

Important notes:

  • Avoid cutting grass for 3 days after application
  • Granular Fertliser should not be applied during periods of stress (High temperatures, Drought, Frost)
  • Water the area, using a hose if there is no rainfall 48 hours after application
  • Store in cool dry conditions
  • Keep away from children, pets and food
  • Wash hands after use.

– Versatile application rates- as low as 35g/sq.m enabling one bag to cover 714m2 making them very economical.

Nutrigrow 9-7-7 Spring & Summer fertiliser is the perfect choice when treating any grass area in the warmer months. This quality, fast-acting spreadable blend fertiliser with 2-4mm granules is designed for the Home & Garden and Amenity markets.

Having a lush & healthy lawn not only looks great, it also enables the grass to withstand many issues, such as weeds, moss growth, disease and drought. You can expect the nutrients to be released over a 6-week period which avoids any rapid top growth and repeated mowing. Apply by hand or through a spreader in mid-season on areas subject to intense use.


Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Active Ingredient 12% Nitrogen
6% Phosphate
6% Potassium
Pack Size 25kg
Pack Size Coverage Up to 714m²
Spreading Rate 35g per m²
Application Method(s) Spread by Hand, Spreader
Area of Use Amenity Turf, Grass, Lawn, Paddock, Pasture, Sports Turf
Safe for Use on Grass, Lawns, Paddocks, Pasture, Sports Turf
Period of Use All Year Round


Additional information

Weight 25 kg