Spring & Summer Lawn Feed Granular Fertiliser (11-5-5) 20Kg

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Spring & Summer Lawn Feed Granular Fertiliser Contains: 11% Nitrogen, 5% Phosphate, 5% Potassium in a fine turf mini granular form. 

Pack Size – 20Kgs
Recommended Months of Application – Throughout Spring and Summer (March, April, May, June, July, August)
Application rate – 35g sq. m. (Area Covered 571 sq. m per 20Kg.)


Our Spring & Summer Lawn Feed Granular Fertiliser is very safe and easy product to use and it is designed for all lawn and grass types of all sizes. It is a grass/lawn fertiliser for strong growth and healthy grass. It is made as a mini-granular for easy application while still providing a good coverage. Proctors Spring and Summer Lawn Feed will give your lawn that lush and vibrant look that you crave for. Spring & Summer Lawn Feed Granular fertiliser 11-5-5, can be used on garden lawns, golf greens, golf tees, cricket squares and other fine turf playing surfaces.

Important notes:

  • Avoid cutting grass for 3 days after application
  • Granular Fertliser should not be applied during periods of stress (High temperatures, Drought, Frost)
  • Water the area, using a hose if there is no rainfall 48 hours after application
  • Store in cool dry conditions
  • Keep away from children, pets and food
  • Wash hands after use.

If you have anymore questions contact our specialist sales and advice team, by emailing: sales@green-care.co.uk

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Weight 20 kg

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